"Good Works" projects

Scholarship Programs for Central Lake and Bellaire Students
Grass River Internship Programs • Baseball & Soccer Fields • Central Lake Ice Rink
Community Garden a partnership with Bellaire Youth Initiative • Juniper Garden Club
The focus of our local club is primarily on kids through on-going service projects such as merit based Scholarships, Student of the Month awards, Rotary Life Leadership Camps, Foreign Student Exchange programs, and selected internships and scholarships. We are proud of past contributions to kids in our service area and we are committed to continuing doing so ling into the future. The Rotary Park Soccer Field, Bellaire Little League Park, Central Lake Ice Rink, and Central Lake's Thurston Park swing set are among the more notable capital projects bearing our name that we undertook over the years. On occasion, we bring expertise and experience of willing club members to help run fund raisers initiated by various local charities.