"GOOD WORKS BENEFIT' Sponsorship Participation
We are pleased to support a worthwhile, area-wide, community effort and wish to be included as a sponsor of the 23rd Annual Golf Outing to be held on Thursday, July 18, 2019 at the Cedar River Golf Course.  Shotgun start at 12:00 noon with Dinner at 6:00 p.m.  Spouse or friends invited for dinner for $23.00.  Be sure to give a dinner head count so that Rotary doesn't pay for unused meals!
Please circle your choice of sponsorship:
1. SIGNATURE SPONSOR - Cost $600.00
    Includes 3 course signs (tee, fairway, green) + a thank you ad, and a golf foursome ($300 value)
    A.  ______________________________________    B. _________________________________
    C._______________________________________    C.  ___________________________________
2. HOLE SPONSOR - Cost  $250.00
     Includes 3 course signs and a thank you ad.
3.   TEE, GREEN or FAIRWAY SPONSOR - Cost $100.00
       Includes 1 course signa nd a thank you ad.
4.  GRILL/ FOOD SPONSOR:  Cost $50.00
     Includes a sign on cart path and a thank you ad.
Enclosed is our check for $________________ to cover sponsorship.
Please replay before Friday, June 28th, 2019 and mail this form and check payable to Bellaire Rotary Club  - mail to:
Bellaire Rotary Club
P. O. Box 923
Bellaire, MI  49615
Name: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
City:  ________________________________________________ State: _____________________  Zip:  ___________________
will be held on Thursday, July 18, 2019 at 12:00 noon
Bellaire Rotary and still are supporting "GOOD WORKS PROGRAMS" that benefit our communities:
  • Student of the Month                                     We have provided playing fields and help for:
  • Rotary Youth Leadership                                 * Soccer
  • Interns at Grass Rivers                                     *  Little League Baseball
  • Three Lakes Asso. Intern                                 * Also help Seniors and Food Banks
  • Already for 2019 we have helped build and run the ice skating rink at Richardi Park.
  • Next is a garden project this spring to be run by students with the help of Rotarians, Bellaire Youth Initiative and the Juniper Garden Club
  • We are also supporting a student from Central Lake and Bellaire High Schools to attend a great civic class at Wolverine Boys State along with other students from all over Michigan.  We will sponsor these students with American Legion Post #247.
These are some of the projects that Bellaire Rotary has done, still is doing and starting new programs.  With your help and continued support as most of you have done over the past 23 years, we can continue to expand our involvement, helping our community.
this is our Major Fundraiser, and we would appreciate your continued support of Bellaire Rotary and Success for our "GOOD WORKS PROGRAMS".
Please send donations to P.O. Box 923, Bellaire, MI 49615 or call a Rotarian and he or she will gladly come by to pick it up.